1. yin yang
  • Yang Taijiquan : Long traditional frame of 108 movements, Dong (Tung) style.
  • Tui Shou (Push Hands) : Two person exercises and self-defense techniques.
  • Dong (Tung) Family Fast Set : Small duration frame with slow and fast movements, created by Dong (Tung) Ying Jie
  • Broadsword (Dao) : The Saber frame of the traditional Yang style.
  • Double-edged Straight Sword(Jian) : The traditional Yang style sword set
  • Fa Jin Set : The large traditional Yang frame at fast speed with Fa Jin (explosive energy), created by Dong (Tung) Ying Jie.
  • Two Person Set : The first part of the traditional frame as a concerted fight.
  • Hao Taijiquan : The traditional Hao frame as Grand Master Dong Ying Jie learned it from Li Bao Yu, student of Hao Wei Jeng (founder of Hao style in southern China).
  • Advance Sabre : Sabre set created by Dong Hu Ling.
  • Simplyfied Taiji set : Created by Alex Dong Da De.
  • Fundamental Qigong : Created by Alex Dong Da De.

Athens Taijiquan Association is under the Dong Style Tai Chi created by Master Alex Dong