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Yiannis Zoumproulis

Yiannis Zoumproulis was born in Athens and started training in Chinese martial arts in 1992. During his training, he has practiced Wudang Taijiquan, Eagle Claw Kung Fu and Yang style Taijiquan. He started his training with Master Alex Dong in 2002. Since then, he has travelled to attend workshops and has taught his own classes in Athens since 2006. He is also active in organizing Alex’s workshops in Greece as well as other workshops and events . He is dedicated to continuing his Taijiquan studies with Master Alex Dong, who gave him the title of senior instructor of his system and is the founder of Athens Taijiquan Association.

Master Alex Da De Dong

Master Alex Dong is a fourth generation Taijiquan Master of the Dong (Tung) family. He started his formal training with his father, Grand Master Dong Zeng Chen, at the age of five in Hebei Province, the heart of martial arts in China. In 1990, he started a class of his own in Hawaii and has continued to teach ever since. In 1991, Alex Dong was awarded the first prize in the US National Tai Chi Chuan championship in moving push hands, and the Best Martial Spirit Title for all competitors while representing the state of Hawaii. In 2003, he relocated to New York City where he established his new school, the Alex Dong International Taijiquan Association. Alex Dong founded the Tung Ying Jie Taiji Legacy in honor of his great-grandfather to keep the traditions of the Dong family style alive and to recognize Tung Ying Jie Taiji as one of the most important practitioners in Taiji history. Master Dong recently translated a large part of Tung Ying Jie’s book entitled ‘Taijiquan Explained’ commonly referred to as The Red Book. Master Alex Dong is a devoted teacher who gives his students the real meaning of Taiji, infecting them with an enthusiasm to work harder and with greater confidence. He also underlines the role of the soft Yang form in improving both health and self-defense skills. Alex Dong leads seminars worldwide in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Greece, Czech Republic and Asia.
Website: www.alexdongtaichi.com

Vasilis Skalkeas

Vassilis has been practicing in Okinawa Karate and Kick Boxing from 1995 to 1997. He has been involved in Tai Chi Chuan since 2006, with Alex Dong’s system at the Tai Chi Chuan University of Athens. He attends seminars with master Alex Dong and is an active member, assistant and trainer at AS Tai Chi Chuan Athens.

Nikoletta Serra

Nicoletta has been practicing Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong since 2006, with the system of Alex Dong in AS. Tai Chi Chuan Athens. She attends seminars with master Alex Dong and is an active member, assistant and trainer at AS. Tai Chi Chuan Athens.

Athens Taijiquan Association is under Dong Style International Taijiquan Association